50 Fabulous Things

50 Fabulous Things – Celebrating Life


This is a list of 50 fabulous things celebrating my 50th year. I came up with the idea a couple of weeks before I turned 50. You can read about it {here}. It was genius. It gave me something to look forward to instead of feeling like I was old and life was over, not that any of those things are true about turning 50, but you know how we can get about these big birthdays. Of course, I laugh now when I think of how freaked out I was about before I turned 30. One day, I am going to be wishing I was 50 again, so I want to soak it up for all it’s worth. Living greatly.

So apparently, I have gone from a birthday “day” to a birthday “week” to a birthday “month”, and now to a birthday “year”.  My family had to know this was coming. It was only a matter of time. A year of celebrating life. A year of living from my heart.  Out loud.  A year of creating a beautiful life.


Make more art,
give more,
live more…
from my

-Simply Topaz

This is my list. A list of intention, a list to set a tone for how I want to live life. Most of all, it is about MOMENTUM. A life in motion stays in motion. The more we do or think something, the more we tend to think or do it. It is when we stop doing something that one day we find we can no longer do it. Momentum.

Live life on purpose.

So here is my list….50 fabulous things…where art meets soul…creating a beautiful life.

  1. Photobooth style pictures with my sons.
  2. Photobooth style pictures with a friend.
  3. Portrait photo shoot.
  4. Walk the distance of a 5K….because I can. (at least once…more would be great).
  5. Exercise 5000 minutes. (started 11/7:  40 of 5000)
  6. Read an inspirational book: Started  A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live 11/14
  7. Watch a thought-provoking documentary.
  8. Travel lightly. Eliminate the unnecessary – 50 things a month x 12. (started 11/10:  30 of 600)
  9. 33+ pictures with family through out the year.  (started 11/6:  1 of 33)
  10. Take a family vacation…all four of us.
  11. Family cookout.
  12. Play games with the family (3x).
  13. 12+ pictures with friends.
  14. Make a book of this project.
  15. Print 50 pictures.
  16. Do 50 pages in Wreck This Journal.
  17. List 50 favorite decorating tips/ideas.
  18. List 50 favorite fashion tips.
  19. List 50 favorite quotes.
  20. List 50 favorite verses.
  21. List 50 things that make me happy.
  22. Do a photo project.
  23. Spend a whole day/evening with just me and the boys.
  24. Read a fashion book.
  25. Send a letter/card to a soldier.
  26. Compliment 10 People/Strangers in One Day.
  27. Check out a new coffee shop. (Completed: 11/9)
  28. Connect More & Make Memories: Do 3+ of these things with a friend. (Started 11/9: 1 of 3+)
  29. Connect More & Make Memories: Do at 3+ of these things with the boys.
  30. Send a book that I love to a friend.
  31. Get a passport.
  32. Go listen to live music. (Completed: 11/9)
  33. Leave 10 inspirational notes inside a book for someone to find.
  34. Make a writing basket (cards, pictures, quotes, stamps, addresses).
  35. Hoop 50 times. (Started: 1 of 50)
  36. Play the piano 50 times.
  37. Give 10 notes/cards in the fall.
  38. Give 10 notes/cards in the winter.
  39. Give 10 notes/cards in the spring.
  40. Give 10 notes/cards in the summer.
  41. Give 10 extra notes/cards whenever.
  42. Wine Tasting.
  43. But most of all love God… Do 50 things for God, spending more time with Him as I do.
  44. Learn something new.
  45. Go somewhere I’ve never been.
  46. Do something for the first time.
  47. 50 days of gratitude. (started 11/1)
  48. Redesign my blog. (completed 11/6)
  49. Write 100 blog posts. (started 11/7:  5 of 100)
  50. Make something, create something, or upcycle something.

*This is a living and breathing document. This means that I am reserving the right to change it if I feel drawn in a different direction.

What is on your list?

Creating a beautiful life,


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5 Replies to “50 Fabulous Things”

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  3. Jennifer S.

    I so love your list! It is almost like a guide on how to live life every day. 🙂

    I will think of something I can do for turning 40! Not sure I could come up with something like this that quickly though… Hmmm… Thanks for getting my wheels turning! hehe

    • Topaz

      Thanks, Jennifer! And that’s exactly right. It really is more of a “how I want to live life” list. I wanted to make it about the things that matter….and experiences…and momentum.

      I hear you. I was in the same boat. I thought of this idea about 2 weeks before my birthday. That was not a lot of time, and it was not easy, but I am so glad I did it. It gave me some things to really look forward to doing this year. Keep me posted if you do one!

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