560129_10200147455985670_460360897_nWelcome to my happy place.  They say that we create our life with our thoughts. These are my happy thoughts. This is my happy place. These are the things I love and the people and stories that touch me and inspire me even more to create a beautiful life. Welcome to my happy place.

Instead of being nervous and awkward around each other, let’s pretend like we are old and dear friends, sitting together over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine having soulful talks, laughs, and creating wonderful memories and a beautiful life.

At the core of everything that I am, I want to live a beautiful life.  I do not have it all together, and my life is far from perfect. I am just like everyone else. I am learning and growing along the way. These thoughts are my daily musings, things that I think on and want to be more like, things I am doing, and people who inspire me along the way. This blog is part of my journey to become more aware of the moment, the beauty around me, a better way to live, and the daily choices that I make.

In some ways, it is sort of a collection of pretty (and very large) post-its to myself and my sons.

This space is to remind myself that creating a beautiful life is about making a conscious choice, one that we can all make, no matter what our situation. I have seen many people in the midst of horrible storms living beautiful lives. This I have learned this year: There are no excuses.

This is to remind me to surround myself with the people and things that matter to me, the people and things that move my soul. My soul. It knows the way. It is to remind myself to be more conscious of my daily choices and to live life on purpose.

May this be a place where we can walk along side each other and encourage and build each other up as we create a beautiful life. May this be a place where we can join together as a strong tribe and do beautiful things.

We often find what we are looking for. I bet that there is a lot more beauty or potential for beauty in our lives than we realize.

May we live our days the way we want to live our lives, always aware that it is in our power to create a beautiful life, no matter what our story. It is not the life we are given that matters. It is how we live it. A beautiful life is not about perfection and living the perfect life. It is about making the life we have beautiful. It is about creating a beautiful life. -Simply Topaz

Where art meets soul…
creating a beautiful life.
Because art is about creating something that moves us, and this is the ultimate act of creating…connecting with our soul and creating a beautiful life.

On a wonderful journey,


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