Creating a Beautiful Holiday {reflection)

Creating a Beautiful Holiday {Reflecting on Thanksgiving}

I like to take this time just after a holiday to reflect while everything is still fresh in my mind, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Maybe I can take some things from this holiday and use it next time…for creating a beautiful holiday…a beautiful Thanksgiving…a beautiful Christmas….a beautiful life.

I love this time of year, and I absolutely am in love with Thanksgiving Day. I would marry it if I could. We would live happily ever after in our house of gratitude.

So, in reflecting on this Thanksgiving, I have thought about what made it beautiful this year and what would make it even more beautiful next year, or what would make the Christmas holiday even more beautiful.

The best part…
family-games-holidays-pictionary-thanksgivingIt is hard to choose just one favorite thing about Thanksgiving this year. There were so many. It was truly a wonderful and blessed day filled with family, love, laughter, fun, and good food. I loved that we went around the table and said what we were thankful for, and even though this past year had been pretty difficult in many ways for all of us, we had SO much to be thankful for in the midst of all it. I loved that. I also loved playing Pictionary with the family. And the photobooth was pretty amazing. I love that we have pictures this year. I love my little tribe.

And I love Thanksgiving.

So I always want it to be special and memorable.

I am pretty sure we accomplished memorable.

As a matter of fact, I think it is going to be really cool when grandchildren or great-grandchildren are looking at this pictures 50 or 60 years down the road and thinking their grandmother/great-grandmother had pure awesomeness in her genes, and they get to inherit that.

I had to do that to get this…


I have no regrets.

And I loved that I got a couple of things checked off my 50 Fabulous Things list that I created when I turned 50 this November.

What I would change…
I know for myself, I am always looking to make the cooking part easier so that most of my time is all about spending time with the ones I love and having fun….but yet still make it feel like “holiday” food. So I am always on the search for the easiest and best “holiday food” for a meal. I feel like I worked non-stop the days before shopping, planning, cleaning, and then cooking/preparing some of the meal the night before. The cooking used to be one of my favorite things, but it’s just not anymore.

Also, I would really love to have everything done in advance and spend the evening before a major holiday at a coffee shop enjoying the company and wonderful conversation of family or friends. But mostly just breathing and gathering my thoughts before a big day and having the space and time to enjoy a little anticipation of the day to come…maybe even start a little holiday cheer the evening before the big day. For more tips on creating a beautiful holiday, check out Making a Memorable Holiday on Be a Leading Lady.

However, doing this the next day wasn’t half bad either…

What about you? What was your favorite thing about Thanksgiving Day this year, and what do you want to do differently next year? These might even be changes that you might incorporate into the Christmas holiday time.

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