Creating a Special Place

reading-nook_7019Everyone should have one. I have always wanted one. So I created it today.  A beautiful reading nook.

Sometimes we just need a space that feels good and comforts us. When all is wrong in the world, we can curl up in it and feel comforted and safe. This is that space for me.

I bought the vintage-like DVD trunk last year, one of my favorite things. It holds ALL of our DVDs. Actually, this particular one in the bedroom only has a few DVDs in it, mainly a few DVDs that are my favorites. The main one is in the living room and has all of our other DVDs in it.

I stole the lamp from another room. Don’t you just love a lamp that creates a warm feel to a space? A beautiful, espresso brown chair holds the DVD trunk and the lamp, making a beautiful and unique end table.

The chair by the window was my mom’s chair, the same chair that my brother used to sleep in when he would visit my mom. As special as the chair is, it was not my taste at all. And I should be clear. It’s a recliner. I used what I had. I do that a lot.

Well, that and throw things out.

It is two very conflicting sides that are at war.

A lot.

But none of that seemed to matter when I threw one of my most favorite and most comforting possessions that I have ever owned in my whole life over it.

The brown throw.

My only regret when I bought it is that I did not buy more, because I cannot find this exact one anywhere now. That makes me sad. Because when I love something, I have this overwhelming urge to buy LOTS of them. This throw is my safe place. It makes everything feel all better. It does. It is like it is magical.

I am especially looking forward to curling up in this chair as the weather begins to cool. I am happy just thinking about it.

Creating a beautiful life,


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