Living with Intention

What would you add to your list? A list with the wonderful possibilities of life. A list that is about writing on the wall of life.


Intent partnered with action will take you to places you have never seen.

Life is about doing, not just what we are thinking about doing.

Life isn’t getting ready to start. This is it. 

It’s not about what we can’t do. It’s about what we can do. Do that.

–Simply Topaz

I am making a list.

It is a life, leap, live life on purpose, live with intention, live your list….list.

There IS a special reason for this particular list. I am turning 50 (GASP) in a few weeks and want to set a TONE for that day and every day after that.

A tone.

A tone that sends a message, a vibration out into the world…a vibration of intent.

The last few years have been difficult, really probably a lot more years than that. It has changed me. It was just the culmination of it all. And it is time to adjust my sails. I am creating this list of intention to challenge myself, maybe even save myself.  And what better way than with a list of intention. I want the list to be purposeful, creative, challenging, and even a little silly list with healthy, inspiring, and fun life goals. I am SUPER excited about this. It is like being  a kid in a candy store, trying to choose which amazing new thing that I want. I am completely in LOVE with some of the ideas. I will be sharing my list in a few weeks (by November 6…my 50th birthday) when I have finished writing it. It will not be a list of spending a lot of money. It is a list of life-changing, memory-making experiences. It is about living life with intention.

I am not sure how many things I will be adding to the list or what kind of deadline I will be giving it. I am thinking maybe a 50 things in 500 days kind of thing. Maybe even continue it to a 101 in 1001 days. Or I might do 36 things in 365 days. I just really want to love the things on my list.

The more I think about it, I like 36 things in 365 days. It makes it about NOW. It makes it about not putting off things. That is living life. I can always add to it later, but I like starting here…and now.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear YOUR ideas! I might even add a few to my list!

What would you add to your list?

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