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The things that matter. Most.

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The things that matter…are not always what you think they are. And sometimes they are right in front of you.The things that matter are here and now. -Simply Topaz

Things That MatterI am overwhelmed with the thoughts going through my mind. This weekend I received a text message from my niece (the sweet wife of my MOST favorite nephew in the whole world) with a picture. Oh, my heart. It was this picture, a picture of my brother with my sons when they were littles. And I cannot stop looking at it. It felt, for a brief moment, like being transported through time to before the moment that time split in two.

I did not even know it existed. Only God could know how much this would mean to me, especially with my brother being so heavy on my heart lately. I look at this picture and don’t even remember this day. I am not even sure where we were, but none of that is important. We were with him. That is all that matters…and we have a picture of it. But I do know from this picture that this was shortly after my husband left us for a sixteen year old. I had so many things on my mind at the time…grief, fear, and determination as I started a new life for my sons and me. But I look at this picture and none of what seemed so important at the time is important at all now. Shortly after this picture was taken, my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We only had a few short years left with him.

When I look at this picture now, all that is important is that he was there with us.

Oh, the lesson does not escape my present life. What we think is important, isn’t. Cherish every spectacular moment with those you love. Plan the moments, steal the moments. Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. It is what matters. In the end, these are the time we will never regret. Never.


The things that matter.



that matter.

I don’t know who took this picture. Until this weekend, I didn’t even know it existed. All I know is that now it is one of my most favorite pictures. Ever.

Live life celebrating every amazing person in your life at that very moment. If we are looking at what we have lost or worrying about the future, we have missed what is important. We have missed the things that matter. The present. And our many blessings. Even when bad things are happening, there are blessings around you.

And always…

Take pictures…even if you don’t feel like it, even if people complain…even if they are not perfect. It doesn’t matter. Just take them. If someone matters to you, take their picture. It doesn’t matter if you are a photographer or not. I am a professional photographer, and this snapshot is one of my favorite pictures. Because it is the one that I have. Do not worry if your picture is not perfect. It is not a picture that you are going to be submitting for a competition. And even if you have a photographer in the family, don’t feel like your pictures don’t matter because they are “not as good”. All snapshots have value. There are no excuses. If you love someone, TAKE. PICTURES. WITH. THEM. The only picture you will regret is the one you didn’t take.

things that matter

I have no words for how thankful I am to have this picture of my brother with my boys. The only picture that I have of him with any of us is the one I shared here that my mom took when I was little. God completely overwhelms me. And I just love my nephew and his wife to pieces for sending me a quick shot of this as soon as they ran across it.

What are the things that matter to you, the things that really matter?

What wonderful miracles are all around your right now, right this very moment?

Celebrating the beautiful people in my life,

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2 Replies to “The Things That Matter”

  1. Donna

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I have a friend whose husband is a survivor of brain tumor. She has written a book called Hope through the Eyes of Love. If you haven’t read it. I highly recommend it. Patti can offer good direction & support places.
    Hugs. I will lift your brother up in prayer & the family.

    • Topaz

      Thank you, Donna. He passed away in ’93. My boys were littles here. They are all grown now and were THRILLED to see this picture. It was a wonderful little treasure to have after all these years. It meant so much to all of us.

      Thank you for the book recommendation.

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