Write on the Wall of life

Write on the Wall of Life

Write on the wall of life that you were here.

That you came, gave, and loved with gratitude and joy.

And left it a better place. -Simply Topaz

A well-lived life is more about choices and attitude than circumstances. I am in awe and humbled when I see amazing souls walking through fire with grace, joy, strength, and fearlessness.

Oh, how they light the way.

That is it.

That is the way.

What do we want for our children? Live that.

It is not being someone else. It is being the best version of you. It is growth and pressing toward the high calling.

 Today I choose…

presence over distraction

laughter over tears

understanding over judgement

giving over taking

joy over sadness

hope over hopelessness


faith over fear

…for today.

Write on the wall of life…

Live with intention and give your life purpose and meaning.

What will you write on the wall of life?


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